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The true story of Colombia’s infamously violent and powerful drug cartels.

Audience reviews

Narcos is brilliantly crafted. Well executed. Season 1 and 2 showed the fall of Pablo Escobar and it was one hell of a ride.You would definitely feel for him when he was shot. Season 3 dealt with the Cali Cartel. First 4 episodes were slow.But it catched its pace after it and at the end it was a race for victory.Javier Pena you as an agent needs super applause. The way you took down all of them and the interview at the end unleashing the corrupted side of the government was bang on and way too brave for your career considering how it works.Pedro Pascal, boy you were way above your league. In an interview you said you act bcoz you want your face tatood in every body, let me tell you after season 3 you will have your name engraved in every heart coz f your acting.Narcos is worth a watch and it is definitelybinge watching


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Sidhu Moos

at 10:44 am

I love this narcos series. Pablo Escobar seems to be cruel, sent his people to kill anybody who stop him, use everything he had to step above the law. Law is good but become bad with bad people holding it. Pablo Escobar could buy more than half powerful people to follow his orders but not all people he could buy. There are some people who still believe there was future for their country by shutting down Pablo Escobar. What I learned from this series, narcos dealings were never be clean. Lot of people died even they are narcos members or public victims . For example, in one episode, Pablo Escobar use a young man to bring a briefcase containing bomb that explode the plane..young man died..then Pablo Escobars’ people went down to the young man house and killed his beloved wife. They want to kill that baby too but the DEA agents safe them first. I was shocked and couldn’t accept that part..I mean it’s too cruel and heartless..
At another side, I can see Pablo Escobar was a romantic husband to her wife, and being good to his mother..even what he did was totally wrong, but giving wealth to your family is a dream of every men in this world. After seeing this series, my feelings mixed. Episode of Pablo Escobar death, people are cheering up and celebrate but I felt unhappy too..Pablo Escobar may be bad and mean person, at the same time he owned some good values in his bad or good are you, we still humans. Are we?


at 10:43 am

Narcos is undeniably the best series of netflix of all time . Totally a binge watching series with a true story which will blow your minds of the system and power .
Superb acting skills by every actor staying true to their characters with breathtaking performances.
The direction , action sequences are phenomenal. Hats off to the director and cinematography.
I wish I could more than 5 stars Cox it’s deserves every award .
Huge narcos fan